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Public relations is a lot about appearances and first impressions. This can (and often does) involve your writing. With public relations relying more and more on media, writing skills are needed to convey a message properly. It can easily deter a reader, potential customer, or employer if your writing skills are poor. With outlets to express ourselves and show off our writing abilities, anyone can easily see what you have to say and how you say it.

Whether you write on a personal blog, your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or a company website, there are a few things to consider when writing. Here are a few tips to writing more professionally and effectively:

Be Clear. Clarity is a huge necessity. If your message is unclear, readers may lose interest or misinterpret the message's meaning, often times resulting in a lost sale, reader, or job. Instant gratification is often sought with most things we do, and in reading something, the meaning ought to be very clear. Have someone proof read your writing, or try reading it aloud to yourself or a peer; your ears (and theirs) can usually detect an error or a sentence that sounds odd.

Be succinct. If you can say it in fewer words, you may be better off doing so. A lengthy sentence, long, outdrawn paragraphs, and adjective filled statements can seem laborious to read. Try summing up your ideas, while not excluding important details. It may seem like more is more, but less is definitely more when it comes to writing.

Proof-read. As stated above, proof-reading can help with your writing's clarity. It can also help in catching grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Leaving errors that are easy to catch (and quick to fix) can reflect negatively and can indicate laziness. Reread what you write. Better yet, have someone else read it for you before you publish something (as in a blog) live. Having a few errors from time to time is usually overlooked, but being consistently erroneous can seem careless. Take pride in what you write! Online, it really depicts who you are.

Be accurate. Depending on what you write about, accuracy can be vital. Current events, company information (your own or another company), and yourself are things that you should attempt to be very accurate about. I think it might go without saying why it is best to be honest and accurate about these things. Common sense is the main reason for this tip.

Maintain your 'voice'. You can have a style of writing in whatever area you write. Depending on the company you may represent (or lack thereof), there is usually room to create your own voice and style. Use humor, or be serious. Whichever you choose, stick with it so that readers can get acclimated with your writing. Those who stay around to read what you have to say will most likely enjoy your style, and will look for it in future writing.

Be professional. Again, this may depend on your content and where you write. If it is your own commentary blog on celebrities, you may not need to be all that professional (and accuracy may not be needed and may even be discouraged), but in business blogs, a level of professionalism is usually expected. If you receive negative feedback/comments on a post, or someone writes something about you in a negative light, keep your response professional. What you say online is around for all to see, and it can do some damage to your public image (this is a PR blog, after all) for others to see an outburst.

Overall, write well, professionally, and make your points clear so that your readers don't leave confused or too offended. Stirring up conversation doesn't require outlandish efforts or extreme tactics, and you can get recognition in other ways. Show your knowledge, maturity, and respect for your readers.

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