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Social media has a lot to offer to companies and customers. According to Deloitte's "Tribalization of Business 2009 Study", however, "[s]urvey results indicate that while enterprises are effectively using online tools to engage with customers, partners, and employees for brand discussion and idea generation, organizations are continuing to struggle with harnessing social media’s full potential."

While companies may have a hard time using the full potential that social media has to offer, it doesn't mean that your efforts are not paying off or that using social media is not worth your time. As with many things in business, time is the biggest variable that we cannot control. Instead of dwelling on a lack of results, focus on the ones you're currently seeing, and try to keep at things. Getting people involved in your social media efforts may take some time, but stick around and you may see some changes.

Some benefits of using social media include (among many others):

  • Increased reach to consumers and future customers
  • Increased word-of-mouth with ever increasing ease for customers to share ideas, reviews, and other comments
  • Less expenditures in contrast to traditional advertising tactics and strategies
  • An increased and more personified identity to your company
  • Easier access to your consumers, and vice versa

When used correctly, social media can drastically change the image of a company or person. It can show an increased interest in consumer well-being, as well as an increased responsiveness to inquires, concerns, and comments.

Lastly, here are a few "Strategic Conclusions" from Deloitte to consider when thinking about your use of social media:

  • To realize the full benefit of social media and online communities, it is imperative that business leaders move beyond viewing them as "bolt-on" to their companies
  • Companies should consider integrating the new information flows associated with communities with those information flows that already exist within their companies
  • To be able to extract true business value from communities, new management strategies and practices will be critical, including redefining the scope and role of alliances as well as the overall boundaries of corporations

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