Don’t Forget SEO When Writing an Online Press Release


From Brad Shorr of Word Sell, "Don’t Forget SEO When Writing an Online Press Release":

Online press releases are a fabulous way to promote your own business as well as clients. In the b2b space where I spend most of my time, they are underutilized. Furthermore, many of the releases that are distributed are poorly optimized for search, making them far less effective than they could easily be. Here are some quick tips for giving your online press release a little SEO punch.

  • Use primary keyword phrase in the title, and early in the title whenever possible.
  • Repeat the primary keyword phrases two or three times in the body of the press release. Too many repetitions can be interpreted as spam by search engines.
  • Repeat a secondary keyword phrase two or three times in the body of the press release as well, if you have one.
  • Write out industry specific terms in full. For instance, if I’m writing a release for a packaging firm that is promoting a new type of shipping container, I’ll want to refer to the products as “shipping boxes” or “multiple depth shipping boxes” rather than “boxes”. The latter term is too broad, whereas the former two might well be search terms used by packaging engineers and designers.
  • If you have the option, customize your press release URL to include primary keywords. PRWeb allows this with an upgraded release, and it is well worth the cost.
  • When linking to your featured landing page(s) from the press release, use primary or secondary keyword phrases in the anchor text of the link. For instance, taking the earlier example, “Learn more about multiple depth shipping boxes from ABC Company” has more SEO impact than “Visit the ABC website.”
  • When using images, use keywords in the captions and ALT Text.

Many of these SEO techniques enhance the press release’s appeal to readers by making the information contained therein more specific and precise. In addition, repeating key phrases helps readers to remember the key points and associate them with your company or the client.


Brad Shorr lives in the Chicago area and is president of Word Sell, Inc. He helps organizations strengthen their online presence with business blogs, as well as content strategy and SEO copywriting.

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