Blog Panel With Frank Strong: Selling Social Media


Frank (author of Sword and The Script) and I connected a little while back and through talking we decided to do a blog panel/series together. The posts below are the fruits of our labor:

  1. PR Responsibilities Selling Social Media
  2. How To Get Executive Buy-In for Social Media
  3. PR Responsibilities Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media
  4. Social Media Measurement: What The Boss Cares About
  5. Social Media Buy-In | Are You Driving Blind?
Consider this a little present from us to you! The information we've included in the posts above is our take, opinion, and professional advice for getting approval and executive buy-in from your superiors (or your business partner, investors, board, etc.). I think it turned out pretty well.

So, check out the posts, leave a comment, read it to your kids at night, and pass it along!


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