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Public Relations has been around for centuries. Some claim that it began with the promotion or theatrical performances and circuses. (It might also be seen as far back as Cesar's self propagation of himself through the use of statues that were placed around Greece, and perhaps even his commentaries.)

Edward Bernays, the perceived founder or pioneer of modern public relations, said, “The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people. Of course, the means and methods of accomplishing these ends have changed as society has changed.” Bernays is said to have coined the term 'public relations', and has been said to be the father of 'spin', which is the art of portraying oneself in a somewhat skewed, almost manipulative manner.

There are some milestones in the history of public relations, such as the press release being created in the 1800s and the creation of Public Relations Society of America formed in 1948.

Over time, with the creation of the telephone, and again with the invention of the internet, public relations has changed and adapted with the changing technology. Consumers want their information faster and more of it, and with this changing demand, public relations has become a standard operation of companies and corporations worldwide.

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