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University of Michigan - An Example of Bad PR


Below is a report by PETA about the University of Michigan and how they are being accused of "tormenting" live animals. Whether the reports put out by PETA are fair and balanced or not, this is resulting in some negative press for the school. There are sure to be many past alumni and potential students who will now at least consider not supporting a school that engages in these types of medical training exercises.

This is a good example of how what one department within a school sees as necessary can affect the public image and public relations work of the school overall, whether or not their actions are typical or accepted within their individual field.

Documents recently obtained by PETA reveal that the University of Michigan's (UM) Survival Flight course for nurses has been tormenting live cats and pigs in cruel and deadly medical-training exercises, even though UM already uses state-of-the-art human-patient simulators to teach all but one of the same skills in other courses for nurses and physicians.

Cats—who in the past have been purchased by UM from animal shelters—have a hard plastic tube repeatedly forced down their delicate windpipes for intubation training and are frequently killed after the procedure. Pigs have holes cut into their throats and chests and are stabbed in the heart for trauma training exercises before they are killed. (Read more here.)