Internal Public Relations | In-House vs. Outside PR


When deciding whether to have an in-house public relations team or to go outside the company and look for a PR firm, there are many things to consider.

First, consider your costs. What can you spare for the PR budget? (If you are the PR team, stress your importance to the company! There are many things you and your department can offer that the CEO, CFO, or other stakeholders might not be thinking about when they plan the budget. Remind them (or inform them) that PR can cost less than advertising, but can offer many more results. Look here for some of the benefits of public relations that you can impress upon the decision makers.)

Secondly, consider what you want to accomplish with your PR plan. If there are things that your internal PR team are unable to perform or provide, you may need to look elsewhere for some PR support. There are thousands of firms to choose from; make sure they can do what you are asking of them, and make sure you fit into their portfolio, or that they work/ know how to work with companies like your own. Ensure that while they should be a good fit for your company, you should also be a good fit for theirs.

Consider mixing the two. If there is a specific plan that you do not feel your in-house team can handle, outsource it. It might get done faster and better than you can do it, and it might be cheaper than trying to do it yourself. Your PR plan could be great with the help of your internal PR team and

Other things to consider could be external conditions: Try performing a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of your firm. This will bring together in one analysis what external market conditions look like, what your company does well and what it can do better, as well as threats from other companies or factors, such as political factors.

While it is usually best to have someone internally who really knows about your company handling communications and public relations, it also helps to have someone who is a public relations professional and who might know more about the market your company targets. When it comes to time, it may also be more beneficial to spend the extra money to save yourself time and effort in getting something right.

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