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Although the PR industry has a lot to offer in jobs and careers, this article will address a few typical jobs that can be found within the industry.

  • Public Relations Specialist: This position usually requires a 4 year degree, preferably a BBA or BBS degree in an area dealing with Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and behavioral sciences, or field closely related. Excellent writing skills are required, as well as a range of 0-4 years of experience, depending upon the hiring company. The position calls for an individual who will be able to effectively incorporate marketing and public relations to better handle marketing and PR campaigns and advertising. In order to promote the company favorably and to create an ideal company image, the PR Specialist will do a variety of tasks, from compiling publications and other works to generating and retaining relationships with customers, media outlets, and retailers.
  • Public Relations Manager: This position also requires a BA degree, also preferably in Communications, Journalism, or Public Relations. Excellent writing skills are also required, as well as the ability to meet deadlines and work under stress. (As is required in many, many jobs.) 3-5 years experience is also required. The main tasks this job entails monitoring press coverage, developing and managing relationships, and working towards increasing visibility of company brand.
  • Public Relations Supervisor: This position too looks for a BA or BS degree or equivalent in Journalism, Marketing, or Public Relations. 4+ years of experience are typically required, as well as some industry experience. Writing and communication skills must be exceptional, and one must be driven and hard working. Some of the job's tasks include overseeing, coaching, and mentoring junior-level team members, providing client feedback to team members, analyzing results and reports to evaluate program effectiveness, and assisting in the preparation of client billing and overseeing administration and budget. Tasks also include gaining outside exposure, enhancing company credibility and visibility through print and other forms of media, as well as implementing other public relations strategies. This job requires that you work well with others and under pressure.
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