Societal Functions of Public Relations


Public Relations has two main societal functions: Social Responsibility and Community Relations. Social Responsibility consists of the actions of companies doing good for the community based on a responsibility to the people, animals, and resources that make up that community. This includes the company being involved in the community, helping the environment, and creating good will for the company.

Community Relations is keeping society up-to-date with it's community. Society is comprised of companies and organizations, and from the outside they show (on a macro level, and as a sort of sample) what some of our most influential and powerful people are up to. So in a sense, public relations is also shaped by society, as the people behind the PR are influenced by the society around them.

Furthermore, it could be said that Public Relations serves as an example, both good and bad, and helps society to shape and define these terms (good and bad), functioning as a sort of reference of morality. With so many examples of morality (or the lack thereof) readily and easily available, the public is undoubtedly influenced by the actions of corporations, large or small. When companies emerge and their story is broadcast around the world, people have to wonder what sort of morals are being followed and what sort of a law of ethics is present.

In contrast to Enron and individuals such as Bernake, public relations can also show the good that companies and the people in them can do for others, the planet, the environment, or just for the greater good of humanity. Since PR is an unbiased news resources as to what the company is up to, the public is given a great glimpse as to what is actually taking place. Advertising, on the other hand, shows what the company wants us to think, know, and believe.

While Public Relations serves society as a resources for consumers, it can also be a source of good for the community and other companies.

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