Media Relations - Is Your PR Campaign Working?


Whether you have an in-house PR department, hire a public relations freelancer part time to work your campaign, or are trying to launch and implement your campaign on your own, do yourself and your company a favor and do an outside PR assessment on your campaign, objectives, strategy, game plan and implementation. Public Relations is a very refined and subtle process. You can have the right stories, but be implementing them the wrong way, or presenting them to the wrong media contacts. You could have all the elements for a successful campaign in place, but not be utilizing them correctly. There are several aspects to consider and review, including:

1. Are your press releases written in a way that will garner media attention?

2. Are you making follow-up phone calls to the media and if so are those calls being handled correctly?

3. Are you only pitching the obvious media stories? (99% of the time will be the same stories your competitors are pitching)

4. Are you thinking like a journalist and coming up with new feature stories, news business stories, trend stories and timely pitches?

5. Are you presenting yourself as an expert in your field, who can address a number of topics?

6. Are you presenting your company in a way that establishes a strong brand?

7. Are you utilizing your press coverage in your advertising and marketing programs?

8. Are you utilizing your media coverage on your blog (do you have a blog?)

9. Are you combining your traditional media campaign with social media?

These are just some of the aspects you want to consider when reviewing your public relations campaign. You could have all of the right pieces in place, but be implementing them incorrectly, or, the reverse could be the case. Sometimes it just takes some minor tweaking to turn a stalled media relations campaign into a successful one. Without a systematic review, you might never know. You could end up with the most successful media campaign that never worked.

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