Tips for Writing a Press Release


A press release is a document written about a company, by the company, to be distributed to print and web sources, as well as other media types. Typically, these are created/ written by the publicist of the firm.

This document is used to announce the launch of a product, a landmark in the company's current ventures, or any other news regarding the company, their employees, plans, economic information, or affiliates/ partners.

With a press release, the company is able to avoid bias from reporters or analysts, though the company's own bias is included in the release. Press releases rarely cast a bad light on the company writing the release, and they are usually written to announce good news or solutions to problems reported on in other types of media.

The main components of a press release include:
  • Time of Release: Crucial for a press release: the release may be prematurely released, so establishing a time to send out the press release, as well as when other news sources are free to post the release, is essential for ensuring proper exposure, release, and advertising.
  • City, State, and Date of release: This is simply more information for the reader to learn of where the company is located and how recent the press release is. Often, news sources pick up on press releases days after the company initially launched it, so this is useful information.
  • Body: The desired text or information for the release as well as the main reason for the press release being launched.
  • Contact Information: Also crucial for a press release, as the press release can be a great source of free publicity, and for readers/ viewers, there needs to be a way to contact the company releasing the press release. It is wise to list the Marketing Director here or the main publicist.
  • Finally, the Company Information: This is additional information about the company, such as what they do, the products and services they provide, and what they are currently working on. This is all a great source of free publicity, especially when launching a new product or service, or signing on with a new employee or partner.

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