Writing Effectively to Maximize Your Public Relations Efforts


There are many things that public relations can do for you and your company, but working magic without your efforts is not one of them. Your efforts ought to establish the beginning of a relationship with consumers and the media so that you can relate with them in the future. This can be done through writing, and writing well.

When writing, the audiences you are targeting should be considered. Logically, then, the first step is to establish who your target audiences are. Create specific profiles of who your main target audiences are. For a class project, we created profiles for consumers looking for a new vehicle. With that profile, we were able to talk specifically to that target consumer, going so far as to state in our advertisements or PR materials what they themselves stated in commentaries from online reviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Once you know what your consumers are looking for in your product, you can address that on your website, in your press releases, and in your interviews. If you target audiences are looking for safety and reliability in your machine, and you can in fact offer that, say so. Don't try to use jargon, or words that are rather generic (such as "state of the art", "ground breaking", and "leading"), as they alienate you from these consumers, making your relationship with them less of a success. Talk about the needs they have and how your product can help.

Lastly, try to simplify things, but not to the point of assuming that anyone who uses your product is completely ignorant. Rather, use terms that are recognizable to others, relay the message of fulfilling needs, both utility and societal, and make it a little more personable as if you were having a conversation with your target audience. This may help visitors to your site or readers of your press release to feel more inclined to learn more about you or keep you in mind for future investments.

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