The Importance of Education & Training in PR


That dreadful day when my student loans are being collected upon is coming very, very soon. Despite having thousands of dollars to give back to my lenders, I have no regrets (as should no one about incurring school loan debts); it's hard to avoid the reality and severity of these loans, however, and the importance of repaying them.

I don't see the amount I owe as equal to the value I got from my education; the value far surpasses the amount I borrowed. I use my education everyday, and feel like a more well-rounded person for having gone to school. I learned more than just marketing and management; I learned about philosophy, ethics, and environmental science and our impact on the planet. I look forward to furthering my education more, and only see it as another investment in myself.

What I want to stress is the importance of education, whether it be from a 4-year college, or from training you can get online or a community college, within reason of course. Getting a degree in 4 weeks is not possible (and if it is, the value of that degree is far less than the amount you may have paid for it), nor is it recommended. But, taking a training course can be just as beneficial as a college course, and can give you just as much knowledge. Furthering our education (in any form) is a vital part of keeping our minds working and, though maybe debatable, keeping our minds from deteriorating later in life. Educating yourself helps you to consider the variables and make better decisions, which is a crucial part of a successful business.

Furthermore, education and training is a key part of keeping up with emerging technologies, the changes in demographics, and reaching your target audiences. This is integral in all aspects of business, but even more so in PR; to stay up-to-date with PR tactics and strategies, you must educate yourself through college, training, certifications, etc. The way PR and marketing has changed over the past 10 years makes performing PR and marketing tasks very different than the way they were in the past.

Read books, blogs, and studies; see what trends are taking place, and learn how those trends are affecting you and your business. If you see fit, enroll your employees in a certification program or a class on marketing or PR. Keep yourself and your company familiar and informed with the changing industries and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

An educated mind is an indispensable, priceless tool, despite a sometimes steep price of getting there.

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