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Though the job tasks will vary within each public relation profession there are a few things that each professional in the public relations industry can and might be asked to do. (To read about some typical jobs that can be found in the PR industry, click here.)

First, the role of the PR professional is to be the spokesperson and advocate for the brand, product, company, or firm, and ultimately help to keep an image that is favorable. They are the contact and relationship holder for the public, as the title suggests. Keeping a favorable image does not, however, entail being dishonest or deceitful about the firm or company being represented. This position requires honesty, commitment, and integrity.

Some tasks that a public relations specialist may have to carry out include the writing of press releases, web content, and interview scripts (which could, for example, be used in light of a new product release so that not too much is revealed or that the correct information is reported, etc.). It may also include being interviewed themselves by the media or other companies. Additionally, the PR specialist relays the benefits of public relations to the rest of the company and it's key stakeholders. Without this sort of advocate for public relations, PR may not be viewed as an equally important company mix as advertising is, when in reality it is of the same if not of more importance than advertising, and can cost dramatically less. On top of that, they keep the rest of the company involved and up-to-date with the company's news, as well as what can be said if they are asked about a new product or rumor.

Furthermore, the public relations specialist will need to make constant correspondence with the media, including journalists, reporters, writers of blogs or websites, and people who manage podcasts or videocasts. This requires great communication and a very personable individual. It also requires patience, the ability to learn and listen, as well as common sense and conscientiousness.

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