360 Public Relations: An Overview


360 Public Relations, founded in 2001, is a public relations firm focused on niche consumers, such as foodies, homeowners, parents, gamers, and green consumers. They found that these target markets are passionate about what they consume and 360 Public Relations has upped their game and crafted a new, creative way of reaching these audiences. One of these creative ventures includes the MomSquad™ which "brings a real parent perspective to clients, brands, products and services the agency represents." The members of MomSquad™ are people who parent and market, and are journalists, researchers, and PR veterans.

They have helped the likes of companies such as Lego, PBS, Vicks, Snuggie, and Disney. They have some case studies on their website that highlight some of their clients, including Crock Pot, Lego, and Ball. Among the work they have completed, they also network through Converge™, of which they were a founding member. Converge™ is a geographically diverse network of agencies that offers resources and expertise in markets across the US, on-ground, and in the market.

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